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Sustainability & Responsibility at Indie Shorts Mag

General sustainability statement

Sustainable practices are important to Indie Shorts Mag. We’re getting greener by the day, but we’re still going to provide you with the quality products that you deserve.

Textile waste accounts for approximately 85 percent of all textile production. One out of every five garments produced by the fashion industry ends up in landfills without ever being worn.

Information about production

We constantly strive to improve our processes so that they’re more eco-friendly. As a result, we don’t produce any products until we’ve received an order from you.

Information about printing tech and materials

Some of our products are printed using direct-to-garments (DTG), which is a printing method in which ink is first sprayed directly on the garment, and then the ink soaks into the fabric; it’s similar to printing on paper, but instead of printing on paper, we print on clothes. We use Kornith printers that generate almost no wastewater and use less energy compared to standard industrial printers, which lowers our environmental impact.

Our inks are Oeko-TEX® certified, vegan, water-based, and free from harmful chemicals. We take sustainability seriously, so we follow the ink supplier guidelines when disposing of leftover ink.

Information about embroidery

We use Oeko-Tex® certified thread when embroidering our products. Compared to printing, which is usually cheaper and faster, embroidery is typically more durable and produces less waste.

Eco-friendly product materials

There are lots of reasons why a product might be considered sustainable. At Indie Shorts Mag we currently offer products made from at least 70 per cent organic or recycled materials and/or a combination of these materials.

Statement about production times

We custom-make each item you buy from us. Once you place an order, we begin making it for you. It takes time for us to create and send out the product, but making each order on-demand allows us to avoid overproduction. This way, we get to take care of you and the planet we all share.

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